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SMART INDIA INFRA SOLUTION leads the leadership through the highest quality

About Us

Leadership through Quality With established credentials in executing complex and challenging projects in all kinds of environment, SMART INDIA INFRA SOLUTION has repeatedly delivered projects on time and of the highest quality. An abundance of resources like People, Plant & Equipment, Finance etc, has enabled SIIS PROJECTS to establish an enviable record in the Real-Estate sector.

We provide the following services

Development of Projects
Construction of Projects

New Initiatives

Through the years and into the future, SMART INDIA INFRA SOLUTION continues to be on a steady drive towards perfection by maintaining old customs and adding new endeavors across countries, across disciplines. It has marched on, towards newer horizons and newer challenges. The saga of excellence continues.

Organization Design

SMART INDIA INFRA SOLUTION is organized to function optimally with an objective and work culture to empower the Associates. At SIIS Projects, our core organizational philosophy is: "EVERY MEMBER IS A LEADER" and is free to make decisions and be accountable for the outcomes. We also believe that through distributed leadership, we can realize the full potential of every associate and enable them to excel in whatever they do. SIIS creates enduring value for the stakeholders - Customers, Associates, Investors and Society.

In order to guide our leaders to be aligned with the Company's vision, we have adopted a common framework called "SIIS WAY". The way leads to the North Star, our vision besides allowing the Associates to have freedom to produce deliverables on target. SIIS businesses are organized under three streams: Relationships, Projects and Processes. Every business that impacts our stakeholders is entrusted to a leader who assumes end-to-end responsibility. These leaders have actionable, but stretch goals, and follow a metrics-driven approach.

SIIS relies upon the Company's core competencies that are primarily anchored on the professional and personal strengths of each Associate. These competencies combine to form successful SIIS Teams, and include:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Project Development and Financing
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Technology Deployment


Our Vision
  • Commitment towards quality, integrity and value creation for all stakeholder / customers.
  • Implement best business practice that goes beyond customer expectations.
  • Establish new benchmark of the industry by besting existing standards.
  • Deliver high quality residential projects.
  • Lead the construction with high caliber, efficient manpower and cutting edge technology. To ensure continuous delight for our customers and stakeholders by always staying a step ahead of the curve.
  • Accelerate the limits of excellence through path breaking innovation and professionalism.
Our Mission
  • To deliver construction projects ensuring total customer satisfaction.
  • To create a culture of professionalism, core competence, teamwork, and leadership and service excellence.
  • To conceive and deliver quality that conforms to the best practices of eco-friendly development.
  • To leverage modern cost effective techniques resulting in quality, durability, wealth creation and value multiplication.
  • To adopt best practices and methods which will protect the environment and help the development or our employees and the society?
Our Value
  • Customer Focus
  • Organization pride
  • Mutual respect and trust
  • Initiative and speed
  • Quality and reliable service